The Color She Sees Me!


The Color She Sees Me, ©2013, PuzzleArtist Alli Berman


“Where did you get that gorgeous piece of artwork?!”

Our office has been buzzing with excitement over this work of art, which doubles as a vision therapy activity!

PuzzleArtist Alli Berman applies beautiful colors to tiles rather than canvas.  She uses differently textured paints in order to create artwork designed for play and interaction!

For the full effect, you’ll have to come for a visit, where you are welcome to touch and manipulate the tiles.  Alli Berman designed the piece to have different textures, to build opportunities for the brain to integrate the information across different senses: The fingertips confirm the visual boundaries we perceive. 

Alli also supplies magical color-dimension glasses, which cause the colors to lift off the tile-canvas in three dimensions, based on their hue!  With the glasses, the picture takes on a second life, and the hunt for emerging shapes and forms now plays out over a 3-dimensional space instead of a 2-D plane!

Hope, by Sharon Cummings

Hope, by Sharon Cummings

Inspired Artist

This particular piece showcases Alli’s gifted abilities as an inspired artist.  Dr. Slotnick had reserved a space in the office for PuzzleArt.  She asked Alli to create a piece which was 4×4, with overall swirl patterns, off-centered, and with the colors used in this piece, entitled, “Hope,” which she found on a google image search for “aqua”. 

We think Alli nailed it!! She channeled Dr. Slotnick’s vision, and that is how “The Color She Sees Me” was born!


Embedded in this creation are many hidden objects.  Alli started us off with a list.  

How many can you find?

Add some new ones below!

  • WhalesThe Color She Sees Me 3
  • Fish
  • Skeleton ribs
  • A man
  • A frog
  • Fingers
  • Mountains
  • An American flag without stars
  • A tornado
  • A woman in profile
  • Toucan
  • What else do you see???



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